About Me

1447Hello Folks my name is Caroline Harkness and I am 34years old currently living in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.  I love our wee town, there is no where in the world like this wee place. I’m currently a self-employed time serviced Painter & Decorator which I enjoy; and I also do a bit of soft landscape gardening.

I finished my NVQ Level 3 in Photography in 2013 which i enjoyed very much.  I have always had a keen eye for detail.  When looking through a lens I find it draws you into a different world and opens your heart up to the different things in life that can be taken for granted.

I do love Landscape Photography but also love taking Portraits seeing all walks of life and different characters.

I hope you enjoy my photos and my blog.

It be great to hear back from anyone interested in my work.

All Photos Copyright 2015 Caroline Harkness Photography if you would like to buy or use any photos please contact me via my Email


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